Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ladies and Gentleman: The Fabulous Kiani

Think of the future, it's in your hands. Does that make you crazy?

Coat: Vintage// Top: Forever 21// Shoes: BDG// Beret & Stockings: Costume Shop

I remember when Halloween, for me, meant homemade costumes from my grandma, with me decked out like my favorite Disney character.

Let's be real, Halloween costumes for girls has become progressively more vulgar, sexualizing our bodies in almost comical fever (I say almost because as ridiculous as a "Sexy Carrot" is, it still attempts to turn us into a object, that is in turn a fetish). Now, don't get me wrong, I love being sexy. I love my fishnets and tight fitting dresses, my short skirts and low cut tops, and if you rock that on a daily basis, more power to you! Go ahead, be sexy, be fierce, break hearts. It just disheartens me that the costumes mass produced for women, are just that. Our only options are a seemingly endless array of "sexy" somethings. 

I decided this year, that if I was going to be a "sexy" anything. I want to be a Fabulous Stain. That name has become synonomous in the blogger world with Jessii Jae Joplin, Bebe Zeva, and their lot, but they take their title from the cult classic movie from 1981. The Fabulous Stains follows a young Diane Lane as Corrine Burns in a one part Mockumentary, one part social commentary, about a girl who starts a punk band. They can't play music to save their lives, but due to their edgy raw lyricism and image, manage to book a tour with a real punk band. I remember watching that movie for the first time when I was 13. I felt this electric charge. Here were these girls, unafraid to sexy and tough and rough and fabulous. They spoke about the angst of being a teenage girl, they sang about being angry and feeling useless. Sure, the ending throws the message out the window when they trade in their punk asthetic for commercialism, but it still left a sharp impression on me. 

I am NOT only sexy. I am NOT one-dimensional. I am sexy. I am tough. I will kick your butt. I love music. I love to laugh. I am fierce. I am powerful. I beautiful. I am rotten. I am mean. I am angry. I am kind. I am giving. I am lovely.

I am a girl.
And I don't put out.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4th & Bleeker x Billabong

Top: DIY// Skirt: Billabong// Shoes: Jeffery Campbell// Dress: Thrift

I have been waiting for the 4th and Bleeker x Billabong collection for months and I've finally got my hands on it. My favorite piece is most definitely the "On the Fence" skirt which is very reminiscent of the Zara origami skort; it's got a lot more edge, though, with this leather detailing. Seeing bloggers make the leap from objective viewers of fashion to designers, models, and professional journalists fills me with hope. It's that can-do spirit I admire about it all. 

Let's all be self-starters.


You can find the 4th & Bleeker collection in select Billabong stores or online HERE.

Monday, October 21, 2013

\\Dark Side//

Dress: UNIF// Shirt: H&M// Garter: See You Monday// Shoes: Dolce Vita// Bag: Thrift

My love for UNIF knows no bounds. I'm inclined to admit that I've been wearing the brand almost everyday because the tongue-and-cheek morbid nature of some of their stuff is perfectly suited for the month of October.  I wanted to keep today simple balancing dark shades with white. This dress was originally a maxi, but I decided to update it by turning it into a mini. I'm a chameleon; each month allows for me to show a different part me. I'm embracing my dark side, stomping the streets to a soundtrack of Siouxsie Sioux, The Black Belles, and Ipso Facto.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

★Clumsy Cat: 1 Year Strong★

Last Thursday, my friends of Clumsy Cat celebrated a year long milestone. They come a long way from their stand at Melrose Trading Post, to the time spent at LALure, to their current location on Sunset blvd. With the launch of their new label, this spot is becoming a mainstay in LA fashion, bringing a little piece of Japan to the streets of Hollywood.

Visit them at

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sweater: Forever 21// Dress: ANGL// Shoes: Deena & Ozzy// Hat: Urban Outfitters// Necklace: Nasty Gal

Still navigating through that love-hate relationship I have with bright neon colors. I've never been a fan of day-glow because I'm a child of the night, at heart. I'll take midnight blues and onyx blacks any day, yet here I am, rocking a bright neon sweater. I'm going to levy the blame on Chloe Norgaard. She's still posted all over the walls of my local Forever 21 with her rainbow hair and carefree attitude in neon tribal prints and long bohemian dresses, trekking through some desert landscape. She's just so cool, it compels me to be like her. I want to be the type of fun neon-babe that bands write songs about. This sweater was hung up beside her poster and while I went over to initially inspect the picture, I became enamored with it's chunky knit and distressed sides. I figured since I couldn't dye my hair bright blues and greens, like Miss Norgaard, I could at least don the colors. This sweater is absolutely perfect. It's a heavy knit to keep you warm in the fall, but loose enough to not suffocate you, should things heat up later in the day. It's long enough to layer just over stockings, but short enough to look great with pants. Today, I paired my sweater with a black this black leatherette & mesh dress I picked up from ANGL and my Deena & Ozzy gray wedges. 

Feeling relatively witchy for fall. It's all of these October vibes.